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Lubricants & Additives

Modern engines and transmissions rely heavily on the use of specific lubricants, of the recommended grades and viscosities, to ensure they meet the most exacting manufacturer’s standards of efficiency and economy. The use of the correct lubricant is also the only way to ensure your vehicle remains fully protected between services.

Here at Bedford Battery Co. Ltd we understand how important your vehicles are to you. We have therefore painstakingly sourced our extensive range of quality lubricants, fluids and additives from our industry respected partners. You can now buy your vehicle lubrication from us with the confidence that no matter which lubricant we recommended, it will be the best one for the job and will always allow your vehicle full protection.


Bedford Battery Co. Ltd. sources its comprehensive range of engine and transmission oils from Comma, Mobil and Planet.

All our oils are made to exacting industry standards and to fully comply with all manufacturers recommended grades and specifications. Therefore you can buy your oils from us safe in the knowledge your vehicle is getting the correct lubricants every time.

If in doubt as to your lubricant requirements please follow this link to find your vehicles recommended oils Comma on line catalogue.


Vehicles are not solely reliant on the correct engine oil for optimum performance. To ensure your car is prepared to survive the rigours of the harshest winter and the hottest summer the coolant system must be protected.

The use of the correct anti-freeze is imperative to your engine’s health and not only ensures it remains frost free in the winter and adequately cooled in the summer, but also that it is protected from the caustic chemicals that can build up over time in your engine’s coolant system.

At Bedford Battery we recommend the use of the Comma range of highly specified Anti-freezes that are individually tailored for all vehicles to exceed manufacturer’s recommendations.
Look here for more information. Comma Anti-Freeze.


There are times when your vehicle needs a little extra help to meet all your motoring needs.

Here at Bedford Battery Co. Ltd. we stock a vast range of additives to help protect, enhance or repair your vehicle. Our stock of quality chemicals and additives come from some of the World’s leading manufacturers and include:

  • Oil additives to aid lubrication.
  • Oil system leak sealers and flushes.
  • Fuel system cleaners and flushes.
  • Coolant system leak sealers and flushes.
  • Sealants and adhesives.

Whatever your additive requirements you can be certain Bedford Battery Co. Ltd. has the correct one to do the job.
For all of your lubricant and additive requirements call Bedford Battery Co. Ltd. today and a member of our experienced sales team will be happy to help with your enquiry.